Vincent Vos

I am a Dutch biologist, researcher and naturalist, who has been living and working in Riberalta, in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon since 2002.

Contributor since 2019

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Unknown ID
Philodryas viridissima
HM 246861
Unknown ID
Elachistocleis helianneae
HM 246860
Unknown ID
Pristidactylus torquatus
HM 246858
Unknown ID
HM 246859
Unknown ID
Spilotes sulphureus
HM 246856
Unknown ID
Eunectes beniensis
HM 246857
Unknown ID
Rhinella diptycha
HM 246855
Unknown ID
Pithecopus palliatus
HM 246853
Unknown ID
Callimedusa tomopterna
HM 246854
Unknown ID
Philodryas georgeboulengeri
HM 246851