Referencing and Citing HerpMapper Data

Please note that HerpMapper requests that Partners contact HerpMapper directly to discuss publication and sharing of these data to meet your needs while also best protecting herpetofauna populations. This also ensures that multiple organizations do not attempt to publish the same new and updated county records in Herpetological Review geographical distribution notes, etc.

HerpMapper encourages project Partners and other data users to credit or cite data used in the following formats:


Project Citation:

HerpMapper. YEAR. HerpMapper - A Global Herp Atlas and Data Hub. Iowa, U.S.A. Available (Accessed: DD-MM-YYYY).


Observation Reference:

Please use "HM" as the institution prefix followed by the observation number. Example, HM 23456

Note: In digital publications, we encourage authors to directly link to HerpMapper observations.


Acknowledgment Statement:

These data are provided by HerpMapper ( and its network of citizen contributors.


Selected manuscripts acknowledging / citing HerpMapper

Durso, Andrew M., Luke Smith, Steven Long, and Rick Lott. 2017. Nerodia floridana (Florida Green Watersnake): Predation. Herpetological Review, 48:863-864.

Smith, Luke, and Andrew M. Durso. 2017. Pantherophis alleghaniensis (Eastern Ratsnake): Foraging. Herpetological Review, 48:865.

Smith, Christopher E., Carol D. Hall, Erica P. Hoaglund, Krista A. Larson, and Jeffrey B. LeClere. 2016. New and updated records for amphibians and reptiles in Minnesota, USA. The Journal of North American Herpetology 2016(1):15-18.

Casper, Gary S. 2015. New County Distribution Records for Amphibians and Reptiles in Wisconsin. Herpetological Review, 46:582-586.

Smith, Christopher E., and Don Becker. 2015. Geographical Distribution: Pantherophis obsoletus in Winneshiek County, Iowa. Herpetological Review, 46:575.


Please send citations or PDFs of publications referencing HerpMapper data to: [email protected]