HerpMapper Partners

HerpMapper data are made available to groups that use these recorded observations for research, conservation, preservation, and/or education purposes. Below is a list of organizations currently accessing HerpMapper data in 'real-time'. Additional conservation organizations may receive data via a one-time request, these users are not listed below.

To gain access to HerpMapper data please submit the following information via a request to: [email protected].

Using your affiliation-assigned e-mail address, please include the following in your request for data

  • Project name
  • Project description (short)
  • Your name & affiliation (if a student please also include your faculty advisor's name/e-mail)
  • Your resume / CV
  • Are you seeking real-time access or is this a one-time request?
  • Boundary polygon if seeking access to data from an area other than a country, state, county, etc. A Google or ESRI shapefile is preferred.

Please note that HerpMapper encourages Partners to contact HerpMapper directly to discuss publication and sharing of these data to meet your needs while also best protecting herpetofauna populations. This also ensures that multiple organizations do not attempt to publish the same new and updated county records in Herpetological Review geographical distribution notes, etc.

To learn more about HerpMapper, please visit our F.A.Q. page, and checkout the HerpMapper Announcement (English, Spanish, German, Chinese).

United States-based Organizations

Federal Agencies
State Agencies
Universities, NGOs, and Others
Herp Atlases & Survey Projects

Canada-based Organizations



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