Cai Zuo-Ming

I'm Edward, taking a picture for wildlife is my interesting! Hope I can add the database to help researcher.

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Ringed Water Snake
Sinonatrix annularis
HM 167867
Taipei Flying Frog
Rhacophorus taipeianus
HM 167866
Tributary Flying Frog
Rhacophorus prasinatus
HM 167865
Unknown ID
Japalura luei
HM 167864
Chinese Mountain Snake
Plagiopholis styani
HM 167863
Maki's Keelback
Hebius miyajimae
HM 167856
Chinese Habu
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus
HM 167793
Unknown ID
Rhabdophis tigrinus formosanus
HM 167792
Brown Anole
Anolis sagrei
HM 167791
Unknown ID
Hynobius glacialis
HM 167790