Indian Cobra (Naja naja) - HM 31094
2014-04-21 13:41:03
Last Modified:
2014-04-21 09:12:48
Tamil Nadu
Our team along with the support of Fire rescue (Ladder & Rope) staffs resumed our rescue which was postponed on 19.04.2014 due to unavailability of equipments to reach down the well, with very less water in it.
When we reached the spot today, we saw the water level has increased to a decent amount. then we had to dry the well to carry out the rescue. after the ladder being brought by the local fire rescue staffs, our expert Robin Bernard started climbing the ladder down with safety gears. he tried hard to get close to it as the water level is above hip & mud below the water. after a long try he grabbed the cobra's tail with one hand on the ladder. it tires to escape from him many times, lastly he grabbed its tail once & tried to bag it, since it was very tough to get the bagger. in the mean time, cobra escaped again & finally after 2 hours of hard work he grabbed it tail only with the help of hook & bagged it.
As a part of our emergency rescue services, we finally end up our rescue by addressing the crowd with information's on snakes & Snakebites.