Ground Skinks, False Snake-Eyed Skinks
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Total Observers3
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Total Countries1
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Harikrishnan S
13 records

Harsimran Singh
1 records

Chaitanya Shukla
1 records

Child Taxa
Taxon Name
Asymblepharus alaicus Alai False Snake-Eyed Skink
Asymblepharus eremchenkoi Jeremchenko's False Snake-Eyed Skink
Asymblepharus himalayanus Himalayan Ground Skink
Asymblepharus ladacensis Ladak Ground Skink
Asymblepharus mahabharatus Mahabharat Ground Skink
Asymblepharus nepalensis Nepal Ground Skink
Asymblepharus sikimmensis Sikkim Ground Skink
Asymblepharus tragbulense Pakistan Ground Skink