Sea Geckos
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Cindy Maneylaws
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Scott Eipper
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Child Taxa
Taxon Name
Nactus acutus Sharp-snouted Island Gecko
Nactus cheverti Chevert's Gecko
Nactus coindemirensis Mauritius Accidental Gecko
Nactus eboracensis Eborac Island Gecko
Nactus galgajuga Black Mountain Gecko
Nactus kunan Bumblebee Gecko
Nactus multicarinatus Many-keeled Island Gecko
Nactus pelagicus Pelagic Gecko
Nactus serpensinsula Serpent Island Gecko
Nactus soniae La Reunion Island Gecko
Nactus sphaerodactyloides Dwarf Island Gecko
Nactus vankampeni Vankampen's Gecko